Sunrise Village is a nonprofit organization that will be creating residential and day programs for people with disabilities in Scott County Iowa. Sunrise Village was founded and is governed by parents of special needs individuals and special education professionals. 

Our mission is to create nurturing and empowering opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Our programs will take place on a small, working farm and in the community. We will do this by providing safe, clean housing, access to a wide variety of vocational and recreational activities on and off the farm, caring for physical, mental and spiritual spiritual needs. We will encourage family involvement, if possible. We will make sure that each resident receives medical care and therapies that they need.

Sunrise Village will strive to create a peaceful environment in which all residents are able to have a rich quality of life- one where they are able to enjoy time outdoors working with the earth, animals and each other to produce the very food they eat. Residents and the community will have many opportunities to learn about sustainable farming, healthy living, and living more harmoniously with the earth, each other and themselves.

Sunrise Village will strive to be as eco-friendly as possible. We will utilize organic farming practices, composting, natural cleaning products, and alternative energy systems such as solar and  geothermal energy. We will be conscientious about energy and water usage. Our intention is to build the homes from as much natural material as possible for our budget.

In order to ensure that residents receive the care and quality of life that they deserve, all residents will undergo a thorough application and placement process to determine if Sunrise Village will be the right fit.

Our vision is to have multiple homes with 2-5 residents per home and several homes on the property. Homes will not be co-ed unless there is a specific arrangement with both families or in the case of a married couple. Each resident will have his or her own room unless they desire to share. We would like to serve all age groups and varying ability levels. Housing placement will be based on age, gender, mental, intellectual and physical ability. For example, residents in the same age group who need night nurses would reside in the same home to reduce the number of nurses needed.

Residents will be assisted with activities of daily living (ADL) as needed by trained, caring staff. They will participate with household decisions and tasks to the best of their ability. Some staff will live at Sunrise Village while others will day or night staff that live elsewhere.

A guest  house would also be available for family of the residents or interns.

Other than support staff for the residents, Sunrise Village will need an accountant, a HCBS waiver specialist, a programs director, HR and admissions director,  a facilities manager, and possibly a registered nurse.

Other than the homes for the residents, the property will need office space, outbuildings for farm equipment and property maintenance tools and supplies, a hoop house or green house, a barn for horses, chickens and other farm animals, a community building with a kitchen, an arts building for a variety of art therapy projects. We will need tillable land for gardens, trees, and bushes.

Day habilitation and vocational activities at Sunrise Village will vary depending upon the season. In winter, we will start and tend seedlings. In spring, the gardens needs prepped and seedlings transplanted. Spring bulbs may also be planted and some perennial plants may need fertilizing and pruning. Summer through autumn brings weeding, watering, harvesting, and preserving. In late autumn, garden beds will need cleaned and put to rest for winter. Some plants will need mulched before the frost sets in.

Year-round activities at Sunrise Village include, but are not limited to, tending farm animals, art therapy, horseback riding, exercise, games.

We will have a stall at the Freight House Farmers’ Market in Davenport, Iowa. Every effort will be made to enable residents who are able and desire to work at the market the opportunity to do so. We will sell seedlings, flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, canned goods, baked goods and works of art.  

Residents who wish to attend day programming elsewhere in the Quad Cities will be able to do so. We will also welcome non-residents who wish to join Sunrise Village for our day programs.

Residents will have many opportunities for recreational activities at Sunrise Village as well as within the larger Quad Cities community. On site, we will have community gatherings in the homes or the community building at regular intervals and for holidays. These could be dinners, parties, dances, movie or game nights, fundraisers, etc. We will have exercise equipment available for residents to use and we hope to install a pool. We will take regular trips into the community for movies, restaurants, the library, bowling, ice skating, snow tubing, walks, visiting parks, shopping, museums, etc.

We will value the opinions of our the residents about their homes and activities. We will have community meetings to discuss ideas for activities, field trips, crops, meals, etc.

We hope to be able to provide the following HCBS services:

BI (Brain Injury Waiver), ID (Intellectual Disability Waiver), H (Habilitation Services)

Adult Daycare (BI, ID)

Day Habilitation (H, ID)

Home-Based Habilitation (H)

Home Health Aide (BI, ID)

Homemaker (BI, ID)

Nursing (BI, ID)

Pre-vocational Services (H, ID)

Supported Community Living (BI, ID)

Residential- Based Supported Community Living (ID)

Supported Employment (H, ID)

Transportation (BI, ID)